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Nakanishi Yuka G+

The taxi driver said to me [Miss, you sure are feminine!]

Aaaaalllllriiiigggggghhtttt! ! ! ! ! ! ! !


Nakanishi Yuka

どうも女性らしい中西です( ^ω^ )
Hello, it’s feminine Nakanishi ( ^ω^ )

Oya Masana

Is it a dream?

T/N: Masana, don’t disturb Nipipi’s happiness! XD


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An awareness of film history leads to a richer understanding of your art and further matures how you envision your film and how you approach the technical and artistic elements of filmmaking while staying true to your filmmaker’s style. Stanley Kubrick reinvents a visual sequence from Victor Sjöström’s The Phantom Carriage (1921) for The Shining (1980). He substitutes the croquet mallet in Stephen King’s novel to an axe and draws upon the film’s simple but emotionally effective editing and cinematography. Sometimes pieces of great films echo in others, and though there may be many reasons for it, certainly one must be in order to share in the timeless experiences that cinema offers.

How Emerging Filmmakers Can Change Hollywood

(via manos-the-hands-of-fate & a-bittersweet-life)